All artists are cosmonauts

When we were kids

Did I tell you that I dreamed of becoming an artist? I was quite good with watercolors at middle school 🙂 Here I wanna thank my folks for never discouraging me from painting although this hobby of mine had a rather detrimental effect on our home environment. I had all four walls of my room covered with my early works. They still hang there despite the fact that I haven’t been living with my parents for 15 years. Sometimes, when I visit my dear home, I go up to my room and sit on my tiny bed gazing at these colorful pieces of paper. They are like a diary of my childhood. All my dreams, aspirations and feelings – they are all there, in those clumsy images and shaky lines. A valiant general on top of a horse is fearlessly leading his army into a battle with an elegantly twirled mustache and a raised saber. A daring pirate climbing up a rope ladder with a knife in his grinning teeth and a parrot on his shoulder. A brave knight fighting a horrible beast in the name of his beloved princess.

Final countdown

But most of all, I like one of my very first pictures – a rocket flying off to space. It has just left the ground spurting out fire and distorting the air surrounding the platform. In a second, the engine will give a deafening roar and the rocket will disappear into the night sky, heading for the distant stars and mysterious planets… I used to imagine myself aboard it, giving orders and pressing shiny buttons on the panel 🙂 And you know what, a few days ago I saw a painting in the internet that looks exactly like my old kid’s drawing, only much bigger and better 🙂 It depicted a vibrantly colored space ship with a glowing trail of flame behind it, graciously ascending into a beautiful sky filled with some sort of surreal fireworks.

How much is a rocket ticket?

That exquisite piece of space shuttle wall art struck me dumb. I was mesmerized by this formidable image full of vigor, power and color. So I tapped on the picture and found myself in the web gallery of Leonid Afremov. I never heard of this artist before, but I clearly remember him now! When I flipped through his website, I decided I must definitely buy at least one of his paintings! And my desire wasn’t as spontaneous as you might think:

  • All paintings are very affordable. $300 is no money for a hand-painted oil canvas!
  • There are plenty of discounts running on Mr. Afremov’s site. A little tip from a regular buyer: check the Deal of the Day section 🙂
  • Delivery is free and very fast.

There are plenty of other genres in Leonid’s online gallery, although I believe this is the only sample of space shuttle art here. That means I have an exclusive painting hanging in my office now that few other people possess 🙂 Unless you decide to order it too… Can’t blame you for that though 🙂


Let go to space!

We all love traveling and try to visit as many cool places as possible. All those thrilling flights with a spectacular panorama of sunlit clouds in the window, foreign cities where everything is new to you, unforgettable tours around some ancient Aztec ruins, Medieval castles and other historical spots, breathtaking architecture, exotic cuisine and the very spirit of local life – it’s hard to find the right words to describe all this. But tell me, what can be more fascinating than… traveling in the open space?? And did you know that you can already do that?? Of course, it’s going to hit you in the pocket, but if you aren’t short of funds, you can book an orbital tour here There have been a total of 8 flights performed between 2001 and 2009 when the project was put on hold due to the increase in crew size. An estimated price of such an outing was around $20-40 million at the time. We can only guess how much it would cost us today…There is still hope for those dreaming to catch a glimpse of the open space, though: in 2017, two volunteers will be sent to the Moon and back free of charge as part of a scientific experiment! Who knows, perhaps, in a few decades you’ll be able to take a quick ride around Mars in your own rocket!


Best regards!

My name is Stew Johnson and my blog is ready to take off 🙂 That’s how we call it in the professional language of space engineering. Yes, that’s right, I’m the one making all those rockets and shuttles that fly around our Solar System streaming your favorite TV series and taking photos of the Mars surface 🙂 Funny thing, back at school I was hopeless at math yet showed promise as an artist. I even sold one picture of mine – to my grandpa for ten bucks 🙂 I realized then that I was never going to make any real money painting. So I reconsidered my life plans 🙂 Still, I believe drawing space ships is also a kind of art, don’t you think?